Why is Vinno, which burst into the world of ultrasound eight years ago, different?
April 23-2018


On April 9th, hundreds of people including Vinno’s high level management and cooperation partners gathered together at the 2018 Vinno Strategic Cooperation Partner Summit at Worldhotel Grand Dushulake Suzhou.  




Eight years of hard work have brought this year’s gathering to fruition: work data, experience sharing, new product experiences, and offline exchange. Vinno and its new and old cooperation partners discussed the future together, facing opportunities and challenges hand in hand on the shores of the beautiful Dushu Lake.



In the year of 2017, which just recently ended, Vinno’s product sales increased from 52 countries worldwide to 70, and Vinno’s products achieved full coverage of 26 provinces and cities throughout the country. 30 Grade A Class 3 Hospitals had Vinno machines newly installed. Six new product models were successively put into the market. 



The originally created “V-Guide” function, which is targeted toward precise medical treatment, was pushed into the market. The “ Electronic Endoscopes for Digestion Ultrasound and Crucial Technological Component Development” project was selected into the National “Digital Diagnosis Equipment R&D” Key Special Program. The Ultrasound on the Palm of Your Hand project was featured on CCTV and earned widespread approval.


Vinno’s National Sales Director, Lu Xiaoming


What kind of layout will Vinno implement in order to continue maintaining a high speed of growth and to respond to a changing market environment? 


Ultrasound Market Trends and Vinnos Overall Solution


Vinno CEO, Xishui


First, I would like to use a set of data to introduce Vinno’s current development situation to all of you: In Vinnos eight years of development yearly sales growth has reached 70%, and Vinnos current comprehensive strength is ranked in the top three of domestic producers. 


The color Doppler ultrasound market has changed rapidly these past two years. Stock shares of domestically made products have rapidly grown, and dividends belong to the head company. To this end Vinno will increase the vigor of research and development, and achieve ever faster technological breakthroughs. 



Vinno will provide the following multiple tiered diagnosis and treatment solutions under the national tiered diagnosis and treatment policy to respond to government purchases and other important national projects: scanning technician training, remote diagnoses and quality control, smart remote diagnoses, and scanning robots and smart diagnoses. Targeted toward a partitioned market Vinno will continue providing cost effective products and auxiliary services. 


Vinno’s future is tightly revolved around the three core goals of continued product R&D investment, continued shaping of the brand image, and the building up of strategic cooperation partners. This is Vinnos high speed growth path.  


Five Stars Leave the East — Vinno Product Solutions 


Vinno Market and Clinical Applications Director, Weilai


Vinno Market and Clinical Applications Director Weilai presented the “Five Stars Leave the East, Benefiting China” speech. Vinno will continuously innovate in the image diagnosis field, and provide users with better high quality products and solutions via highly recognizable images, a superb user operation experience, the launching of new clinical application technology, scientific research projects, and the building of an academic ecological sphere. 


Overall Solutions Under Tiered Diagnosis and Treatment 


Vinno’s Eastern Region Sales Director, Zhangjuan


Tiered diagnosis and treatment is an important step for reasonably allocating medical treatment resources and facilitating the equalization of basic medical treatment and hygiene services. It is an important direction of national medical treatment development. Vinnos Eastern Region Sales Director Zhangjuan presented tiered diagnosis and treatment cases already in place during the summit. 


General Manager of the Yunzhen Medical Treatment and Technology Company, Zhaoran


At the same time we also invited Mr. Zhaoran, General Manager of the Yunzhen Medical Treatment and Technology Company. He presented the Yunzhen - Family Doctor Business Opportunities under the Flag of Medical Reform keynote speech, and initiated an interpretation of a different kind of business model. 


Vinnos Smart Ultrasound Team Product Manager, Chengjian


The realization of tiered diagnosis and treatment needs strong technical support. Vinno’s Smart Ultrasound Team Product Manager Chengjian gave an interpretation of “Vinno Remote Ultrasound Solutions”



The FLYINSONO app is an app customized for ultrasound doctors and includes functional modules like real time and time-shared diagnoses, live online ultrasound training, instant messaging, and AI diagnoses. The appearance of the FLYINSONO app can effectively solve the problem of a lack of resources for ultrasound doctors, and more efficiently train ultrasound doctors, providing technology solutions for tiered diagnosis and treatment. 


Vinnos Channel Strategy 


Make high speed growth central. Remain consistent in our high end brand and distribution operations. Remain consistent in having able persons do more work, and offering more pay for more work. Remain consistent in charging ahead, and making service a priority. Remain consistent in voluntary cooperation and mutual gain. Remain consistent in the transparency of business management.  


Vinnos Vice President and National Sales Manager, Yuan Hongyu


During the summit we were fortunate to invite two cooperation partners who had already worked with Vinno for many years to share their story with Vinno along with their experiences. 

Director Xu said with great wit that cooperation is sometimes like romance. It requires getting used to one another and abundant communication in order to fulfill each other, and travel further hand in hand. 

Vinno Cooperation Partner, Director Liu


Vinno Cooperation Partner, Director Xu


Traveling with You, Listening to the Sounds of the Future

In the end Vinnos cofounder Ms. Tianyuan gave an interpretation of the soon to be promoted Elite Gatheringand Vinno Academy. Vinno Academy will provide training courses and assessments that include product technology, clinical knowledge, sales techniques, equipment decoding, and career skills to support the rapid growth of Vinnos partners. Cooperation partners will be able to more quickly and effectively maintain communication with Vinno via the Elite Gathering


Vinno Cofounder, Ms. Tianyuan


he gathering came to a successful conclusion. We would like to thank the cooperation partners that have accompanied us along the way over these past eight years in which Vinno has grown. Today’s gathering is for better development tomorrow. Vinno hopes that sincere cooperation can bring mutual development and sustainable earnings. Let’s listen to the sounds of the future, hand in hand! 




Grass is tall and nightingales are in the air in April,

Both interdependent, hand in hand along the lake shore.

Challenges, opportunities, and promises,

Future colleagues will always accompany you.

People only know how exquisite imports are,

And do not know the beauty of the domestically made.

------- Poem written by a Vinno Cooperation Partner

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